• Ardor Blockchain Explorer [Angular]

    Explore detailed information about Ardor blocks, addresses, transactions, and more.

  • Ardor Lite Wallet [Ionic]

    An Ardor wallet allowing for simple/fast interaction with the Ardor blockchain and its childchains. All transactions are signed locally, no need for users to download the blockchain, and the wallet is available for Android, iOS, & Windows.

  • The Remnants Tools [React/Vite/Bun]

    A information dashboard for the Solana NFT game The Remnants.

  • Crypto Heroes [Phaser] (Version 2 Code [React/Vite])

    Train, level up, and battle other cryptocurrency heroes to see who is really the best.

  • d-Market (retired)

    Web interface to the Ardor Marketplace using the Ardor Lite for signing of transactions and providing an escrow service.

  • d-Net (retired)

    Access a Decentralized Internet hosted on the Ardor platform. Download the Chrome or Firefox extension for true decentralization.


  • Solar Ardor Node

    Run your own full Ardor node. Comes with solar panels to run it off just the sun and an e-ink display to check the status of it.

  • Ardor Shirts

    Your classic t-shirt showing a logo drafting design of Ardor.

  • Contact for more information on purchasing.


Completed projects for clients.

  • Bridgechamp

    Created the initial beta version of the mobile (iOS & Android) app for Bridgechamp from Jelurida using React Native.

  • GPS Pay

    Created first beta version of the mobile (iOS & Android) app for the GPS tokens from Triffic using Ionic.

  • Coalculus Lite

    Created the initial version of Coalculus' mobile wallet to access the Coalculus blockchain platform and transfer funds.

  • Coalculus Explorer

    Created the initial version of the explorer to see information on Coalculus blocks, accounts, and transactions.

  • Give Safely

    Created the wordpress code for rewards and sharing encrypted data on the IGNIS blockchain and allowing donations with Bitcoin, Ardor, Ignis, and Paypal.

  • SIGBRO Mobile App

    Co-created the initial version of SIGBRO mobile app for Android, and then handed it off completely to the other developer.